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1. Provide Career Guidance:

MCC provides career guidance of different streams for your students choice, qualification and scope from established research data analysis. They can also get knowledge of what they have to study as per your curriculum and particular choice of career building.

2. Solve Queries:

Your students doing professionals courses can access subjective/descriptive,tutorials & can solve queries by interacting with fellow professionals/ students.

3. Share Ideas and Exchange Information:

Mychoicecareer provides your students the opportunity to interact with their field professionals, where they can get to exchange ideas, share business cards.

4. Tutorials and Notes:

Students of your Institute can share and access tutorials and notes from fellow students and professionals.

5. Students Motivation through Ideals/mentors:

Also your students can follow their ideals/mentors in respective professions. They can get or give a feedback of their performance/achievements from top live professionals eventually helping them achieve credentials and talent display.

6. Performance Monitor:

On the base of student activities students can also track their performance by way of feedback and assessment from professionals/seniors/ fellow students.

7. Internship:

Students in final lap of their respective professional courses can apply & access internship available. They can apply for Internship for beforehand experience and prepare by on the job training in the fields they are willing to build their career.

8. Getting part time jobs:

Students can apply for part time jobs for experience and income source till the time they are ready for real full time job.

9. Get options to show their talent like modeling acting dancing:

Students can get an opportunity to show their talent which may get them recognition as well as offer of jobs. Students good at artistic bent of mind such as painting, modeling, acting, dancing, can. Showcase their work for further offers in their fields.

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